How to choose it is correct to pick up the image for a skinala - experience of professionals.


First of all it is worth deciding on the general stylistics of kitchen - classics strongly differs from hi-tech, isn't it? Traditionally, there is a division of plots for a skinala depending on is chosen kitchens. Are suitable for classics: flower series drawings of a skinala, monophonic skinal, quiet motives of urban style. Also, skinala orchids, easy abstraction in measured tones will be suitable for classical kitchen.

If you prefer kitchen with style hi-tech - you should look narrowly at bright abstract pictures for a skinala, to the night cities and fruit motives. Even skinat space style or with the drawing of a sea landscape will look in your kitchen very appropriate.

Besides style of a glass apron it should be taken into account features of an eskpluatation. On black skinat and also on dark blue, spots from oil and water drips from a sink are noticeable much stronger, than on light skinat. If you not the fan of daily cleaning - choose skial is lighter.

You can independently try on the drawing on skinal from our catalog and be convinced of a right choice.